Greece–the addresses!

Did I mention how this is new to me? I just finished a long entry about my trip to Greece (shold be just below this) and forgot to include the web sites for more information, such as how to sign up. There is my own site,, and then there is Nicki Scully's amazing site, Go the link for Sacred Travel and then Greece. And of course check back here for more information about the trip.

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  1. Rachel,

    I just read your first blogs. Whilst I was wary about the time this would take, I totally see the value in it.

    As your business manager, I plan to help you spread the word about this new enterprise.

    It's a great resource for people to catch up on what you are doing and to get in touch with you, though I hope that you will share with them that if they want to have a reading or get information on your classes they should contact me directly (

    I wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading more of what is on your mind as well as on your calendar.

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