Omega, Omega

The title refers to The Omega Institute in upstate New York.  I have doubled it because I have two things going on there that I want to tell people about.

The first is the annual weeklong class I teach with Mary K. Greer.

Mary is probably the teacher from whom I have learned the most, and much of that is from teaching with her. She is inventive, scholarly, gentle, and incredibly creative in her approaches to teaching. And her books, from the legendary Tarot For Yourself to the brandnew 21 Ways To Read A Card have quite simply shaped our whole modern approach to Tarot.

Mary and I have taught together at Omega for16 years. This year we are doing two classes, a five day, from June 12-16, and then a three day, from June 16-18. Space is available for both. Register at This year our group includes people coming from Australia and India. It should be wonderful.

The theme of the first class is Tarot Play, one of our favorites. We learn actual games, use the Tarot for stories, create fortune teller identities, try out being clients from Hell and have a wonderful time.

The strange thing is that at the end of all this people not only emerge as powerful readers, they often find their own lives transformed. Mary and I have seen people make life-changing decisions after the work–and play–done in our Omega classes.

The three day class is on the theme of the Tree of Life.  This powerful image from Kabbalah is intimately connected with the Tarot in its esoteric history.  Even more, it is one of the deepest myths in our culture.  I have written a book about this image The Kabbalah Tree, and Mary has studied and taught it for years.  This will be a spectacular workshop.

And if Mary and I are not enough, Omega itself is wonderful. Beautiful wood and lake setting, clean and comfortable, and superb food.  Having a chance to spend a week there teaching Tarot–with my favorite Tarot teacher–is one of the highlights of my year.

And the second "Omega" of the title?  This Sunday, June 4, my third annual Art Show goes up at Omega !

The art consists of framed prints based partly on my original art for the Shining Tribe Tarot, and partly new pictures, based on what I call Mythic Visions and images seen in stones that I find along the road.

Becoming a visual artist is one of the most exciting things I have experienced in the  past ten years.  My writing, whether fiction or non-fiction, has always been based on images and stories, and the drawings have been a way to approach images in a direct and powerful way.

You can see some of my Shining Tribe Tarot art on my website,

Come to Omega.  You won't regret it. 

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