Spring and Summer mark two major events in my year. April 27-30 is Readers Studio, one of the Tarot world’s great tribal gatherings.

Several hundred people come from all over the country, and many other countries as well, to attend presentations by major speakers, evening workshops, breakfast discussions, private readings, impromptu deck exchanges, and just hanging out in the hotel bar.

I’ve been a featured presenter at Readers Studio three times, but this time will be my first time doing an evening workshop. I’m very excited about the topic—doing readings using only the Major Arcana.

I’ve actually been exploring this subject for several years, inspired by a simple need. There are many very beautiful and fascinating Tarot decks that consist only of the 22 Major Arcana cards (also called trumps), as well as numerous decks where the Majors are alive with imagery and symbolism but the Minors seem little more than an afterthought. Now, there certainly are spreads designed just for the Majors, but these usually focus on large issues, and primarily spiritual themes.

Here is a three card spread I made up some years ago.

1 3 2

Card 1, on the left—Spiritual history—what energy have you been experiencing?

Card 2, on the right—Life Challenge—what is coming up for you? This can be something you would really like to see (maybe the Lovers card, for a new relationship, after a History as the Hermit), or something you might want to avoid (the Devil, for an addictive relationship).

Card 3, in the middle—Gift—what Spirit, or the Universe, gives to you that will help you meet the challenge. For example, the Empress might help you either realize your Lovers relationship, or else be in charge of your emotions and thus not fall under the Devil’s sway.

So there are ways to look at big issues with Majors only. But what of readings that are detailed, close up, and practical? In the Saturday night class we will try out different techniques as well as share some wonderful Majors only cards

Readers Studio is also my favorite place to show and sell the necklaces I make. Here is a recent one that I especially like.

Readers Studio is the end of April. At the end of July comes the wonderful week at the Omega Institute, with Mary K. Greer—a decades-long partnership! This year, as last, Mary and I will be hosting a week-end conference, July 29-31.

The theme this year is Tarot: Fate and Free Will. This is an age-old question, and we are excited to look at in depth with three terrific teachers: Marcus Katz, from England, author, teacher, and founder of Tarot Professionals and the networking site, TarotTown; Ellen Lorenzi-Prince, from Oregon, creator of Tarot of the Crone; and legendary Toronto Tarot reader and teacher, James Wells.

This will be followed by a five day intensive class, July 31-August 5, The Art of Becoming A Great Tarot Reader.

Last summer Omega recorded short videos of Mary and myself talking about our love of Tarot. You can watch mine here

and Mary’s here.

I look forward to seeing everyone at Readers Studio and Omega!

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  1. Oh, I wish I could be at both, or either… The Atlantic is just too big at the moment!

  2. Both such monumental event in tarot! I will enjoy trying this spread tonight. I need a boost with my Majors-only decks. This is perfect.

    I especially enjoyed the videos of both you and Mary. It is so remarkable to see you in motion. I noticed you were wearing “A Rachel” around your neck! Lovely!



  3. I like the spread you use. I am going to start using it.Thank you for great information.

  4. Spiritual history, life challenge , gift. Quite interesting idea for a reading. Concise yet very illuminating. Hope the Tarot event went well

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