Sometimes Facebook Gives Us Real Connections

I posted this on Facebook:

“Just had a book title pop into my head–The Eternal Gratitude of the Angelic Mind. Of course, it’s a play on that great movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but still a cool title, I think. Anyone want it? If you were going to write a book called The Eternal Gratitude of the Angelic Mind, what would it be about?”


And received this fabulous reply from Camelia Elias:

“In a way you already wrote that book with your Shining Tribe deck. This deck, unlike any other is all about high-mindedness, a form of wisdom that you urge us to exercise even before we get to the stage where we think that now we’re ready to exercise it.”


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  1. What she said, much better than I could.

  2. I agree with Camelia. And if you wanted to write it in the form of fiction, you could tell a tale of a woman who lives in constant wonderment of divine synchronicty, the surprise of unexpected events, their continuity in spite of outward appearances or seeming up and downturning changes. Because of her observations she comes to trust her intuition, her divine nature and her soul’s path through the most fearsome challenges.

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