Lovely review of Fortune’s Lover: A Book of Tarot Poems

This review by Robert M. Tilendis was shared with me and it is of Fortune’s Lover: A Book of Tarot Poems, one of my Tarot poem books from A Midsummer’s Night Press.

I loved this review and wanted to share it.

“Anyone who has worked seriously with the Tarot comes to understand quite early on that the cards are starting points: as detailed and specific as the images may be, they are really signposts leading to where we need to go. Rachel Pollack understands that very well, as the poems in Fortune’s Lover demonstrate.

Call this collection a directed wander. It represents a vision that is, first and foremost, a unity, Eden and Manhattan, then and now, Fools and Magicians and Biblical scholars all part of the same continuum. The Fool becomes Pollack crossing 34th Street in Manhattan against traffic, rushing to grab a taxi to make her train, and somehow surviving, as Fools will. The Emperor sparks the beginnings of feminism in a disappointed daughter. Pi becomes a poem itself.”

To read the rest of Robert’s review, go to Robert’s blog, Sleeping Hedgehog.

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  1. Sometimes i follow yout blog from the Netherlands. Its great!!

  2. Ik weet dat je van de Nederlandse taal beheerst en dus Nederlandse reacties kunt lezen!

    Wat mij betreft ben en blijf je de diva van tarot.
    Schitterend hoe je in je werk tarot en intellectueel zijn verbind. Voorbij de vaagheid, concreet en helder, tarot bij uitstek!

  3. Just found this post while wandering through Google. First, I’m glad you enjoyed the review — I enjoyed Fortune’s Lover a great deal.

    Second, Sleeping Hedgehog is not really my blog — it’s a group effort spun off of Green Man Review. I am merely the Editor (which is probably why I have a tendency to wander around looking rather wild-eyed).

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