Soul Forest: Twenty Four Tarot Writings is now available for Pre-Order!

Soul Forest is now in print and ready for pre-order from Tarot Media Company. Here is a excerpt from the Introduction just to give you a taste of this wonderful work.

“This book recounts a series of adventures. Like a character in a fairy tale, each month, for a couple of years, I would set out from my little cottage in the woods to explore the forest, or search underground caves for treasures. I would set out with hardly any provisions, but with my loyal dog Wonder beside me (I actually do have a dog named Wonder—sometimes allegories are true), and a map that changed every time I looked at it. That map was the Tarot.

Let’s switch metaphors. Any Tarot reading contains two components, with a third that connects them and brings them to life. The first is the question, for no reading can exist without one, even if the question consists of nothing more than “What’s going on today?” The second is the answer, which is to say the cards that come up when we shuffle the deck.

The third element, which joins the two and brings them to life, is the reader herself, or more precisely the reader’s intuition, intellect, and imagination. Without the reader’s response, Tarot cards don’t say anything at all, they are just mass-produced four color drawings on plastic coated card stock. But notice something here. It is not just up to us to interpret the answers, we also get to ask the questions. And this, as they say, is where it gets interesting. The Tarot becomes a treasure map when we ask it to show us treasures. In this book I have tried to ask the cards to reveal to us treasures of the soul.”

You can pre-order the book from Tarot Media Company and I will sign them. I am premiering it at San Francisco Tarot Symposium 20th Anniversary where I will be speaking and sharing more from this work on August 27 and 28, 2011. For more information about SFBATS click here.

Hope to see you there and I hope you enjoy Soul Forest.

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  1. […] be talking to us about her brand new book, Soul Forest: Twenty-Four Tarot Writings published through Tarot Media […]

  2. […] be here talking to us about her brand new book, Soul Forest: Twenty-Four Tarot Writings published through Tarot Media […]

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