TOTH class and Soul Forest book release for September

Some readers of this blog will know that I teach semi-regular classes in my home town of Rhinebeck, NY.  Below is an announcement of our latest class.  I’ve posted it here partly in hopes that some of you will be close enough to come try us out, but also because it celebrates two forthcoming books, including Soul Forest, available Sept 29, from

 Tarot On The Hudson – September 18, 2011


Hello, everyone.  I’m just back from San Francisco where I was lucky enough to attend what was probably the best SF BATS (Bay Area Tarot Symposium) ever, with great speakers and a celebratory air, as it was the 20th anniversary of this longest running annual Tarot conference.

One thing that made it special for me was the official launch of my new book Soul Forest.  This is a collection of the articles I wrote for a web magazine,  Think of it as a blog collection you can hold in your hands. These articles all explored daring and exciting ways to look at Tarot and to use the cards to explore Wisdom questions.  Each article bore a title that used the word SOUL as an acrostic, thus the title of this description.

But Soul Forest is not in fact the only book I have coming out!  Around the end of October (yes, scary Halloween time) Tarot In Magical Times, written by myself and Johannes Fiebig, will be appearing.  This is one of the most unusual Tarot books I’ve worked on, because it looks at Tarot and the end of the world!  Most of us have heard of the Mayan prophecy (based on the end of their calendar), but there is also a major astrological shift taking place next year—and of course, various religious predictions, and climate change disasters.  So, Johannes and I are looking at the Tarot as both a prophecy of cataclysm and renewal, and a guide for anyone moving through extreme times of disaster and rebirth.

For this class we will be looking at readings from both books, as well as a reading to unite them.  This will be a very exciting TOTH, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you.

Soul Forest will be officially published on Sept. 29.  It is currently available for pre-ordering from

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