For those of you who live near Rhinebeck (including those in the city who don’t mind taking the train up the Hudson), I’ve just announced our latest class, to be held on November 12.   Since it was partly inspired by the blog I did on Yes/No questions, and the interesting responses, I thought I would share the description.  After the class I hope to write some posts about the techniques  we developed as well as our discussions.  And the games–I’m looking forward to Hi-Lo.

The workshop runs from 1-5 and costs a mere $40 (people have been telling me I’m not charging enough, but we want to keep it accessible).  For more information, including trains from New York City, contact Zoe Matoff, at zoemaat@hvc.rr.com.  Write Zoe as well if you want to be on the mailing list for future classes and other events.

Here’s the class description:

As we enter full swing into the Holiday Season—Halloween over, Thanksgiving ahead—we will look at Tarot high and low, including just that, a Hi-Lo game to see where the energy is in a situation, and how we might change it.


Here are some of the activities:

Yes/No readings.  Recently I did a short blog on this subject then posted it on Facebook where the subject generated some interesting techniques, both to coax a simple yes or no answer from the deck, and how to take it a step further and look at the issues.  We will try out some of these, so think of a question.


Creation, creativity and the Tarot.  This week I attended an event very loosely structured around the seven days of Creation, and I realized it’s possible to match these up to the early cards of the Major Arcana.  For example, the Fool embodies the state of chaos before God says “Let there be light” a moment symbolized in the Magician.  We can do the same thing, maybe even more closely, with the scientific myth of Creation, the Big Bang theory.  We will look at both, and then consider how such understanding can translate into readings, and using the Tarot for our own creativity.


Hi-Lo.  There are many hi-lo card games, and as we’ve done with Tarot poker, we will adapt one or two to looking at how we can use the cards not just to look at events but take risks to help shape our destiny.  Such games are fun, but they also can be profound, and the more deeply we choose to enter them the more powerful they can become.


Saturn Return—many of us know people (possibly including ourselves) who are experiencing this most difficult of astrological transits, when Saturn returns to the point where it was on our birthday.  Saturn moves very slowly so this only happens every 29 years or so, and as a result, a Saturn return can bring in major shifts in a person’s life.  As Tarot readers, how can we use the cards to help people understand and work with such life events?


As usual, we will start with questions, stories, sharing of new decks and other Tarot tidbits.  I plan to bring a new alchemical deck by Christine Payne-Towler and a Minchiate recently issued by Lo Scarbeo.  See you all there!

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