For some time I’ve been noticing that I predict, or at least anticipate, things without knowing I’m doing so. I’ll think about something, for no particular reason, and then it will happen. The problem is, the thoughts do not feel any different from all the other things that dash through my mind in any given day, so I don’t realize it’s something I should pay attention to.

They don’t happen very often, but lately they seem to be a little more common. So, here are three examples, all within the last two weeks.

1. December 16th I was riding in my friend’s car and she turned on the classical station, which was playing Da da da dum. So I started thinking about Beethoven and wondering what his sun sign might be.. I suggested Saggitarius, since he had a fiery personality mixed with high ideals. Later I had on some other radio show and they said “Today is the birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven.” Of course, December 16 is indeed Saggitarius. Now, obviously they were playing the 5th Symphony because of his birthday, but I’ve heard Beethoven many times on the radio and never wondered before about his sign.

2. Here’s one from a few days later, We’ve had mouse problems here for a long time, but recently, as part of some renovation work we had mouse-proofing done. Well, there still were signs of mouseage (as a friend of mine says), so we put out live traps for any mice left in the house. Caught one and let it loose in a park a mile or so away, but there signs of another. One night, I thought, What would I do if I just saw one standing in the middle of the floor? This is an odd idea. First, mice come out mostly at night when there’s no one around, and second, they don’t just stand still. Well, the next day I had a friend over and went in the kitchen to get something, and there in the middle of the floor was a mouse, standing stock still, probably hoping I wouldn’t notice it. I pinned it down with the top of the mouse trap, my friend slid a piece of cardboard under it, and I carried it outside to the woods at the end of my driveway. No mice since then.

3. Now today I saw a post from the wonderful Barbara Moore, asking people, if part of what they paid for a tarot deck or book was to go to a health related charity, what would they like it to be. I thought about this for awhile, then suggested Medecins Sans Frontieres, Doctors Without Borders, since tarot crosses borders and boundaries. I sent my reply then looked at my inbox, and the first message was from Doctors Without Borders, asking for contributions.

So there you have it, three examples in exactly two weeks. If only I could harness this!

Here’s a more serious example: Living in the country I have to drive a lot, and every few years you’re likely to have some kind of fender bender. A couple of years I happened to think to myself how I hadn’t had any problem like that in a long time. Okay, so that should have been a warning. But as I said, the thought doesn’t feel any different, doesn’t carry some sort of charge, it’s just a random idea. Or so it seemed. The next day I took Wonder in the car to go for a walk on a quiet road (I live on a branch highway, where people go very fast). When we got home I put on my blinker and waited for the chance to turn into my driveway. Behind me, a man in a pickup truck was lost in thought (he later said his grandson was ill) and didn’t see a car stopped in the road with the blinker on. He plowed into us at about 35 miles an hour. Bless the engineers at Honda, the car frame absorbed most of the contact, and Wonder and I were unharmed, but the car was totaled. Now I have a wonderful Versa named Alice (I asked her and that’s what she said)–and another example of my useless psychic power.

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  1. I don’t believe these psychic ‘powers’ are useless. They can be a warning, more likely a message from our brain to our brain related from the future. In one of her books, Cynthia Giles says that ‘…time is spacial. But it is not linear’. And although we perceive these moments of clarity sometimes as coincidence, they may be captured thoughts that we have ‘pushed’ back from the future. “The collective unconscious is not a static repository of archetypes…but an inherited basis for our own personal imagery…” The divine unconscious of the galaxy! I love the way tarot can fit into any conversation 🙂

  2. Dosn’t seem so useless, just unrecognized.But how does one become aware that messages from the future provide insights that may provide useful information? I don’t know. Maybe we are being protected from too much information and have to learn to separate “the wheat from the chaf.”

  3. I love this post, Rachel. I often have “useless” psychic episodes myself. My favorite: one day I was sitting in my office and I had a “vision” that I was going to get some “monkey socks”. I told my husband about it and he dismissed it. A few months later, long after I had forgotten about the “vision”, a client from out of town comes in for a reading. Before we began, she said “I have a present for you” and pulled out a pair of socks with Monkeys on them! I ran upstairs excitedly to show my husband and all he could say is “great….my wife can predict monkey socks but not lottery numbers”. We had a good laugh over that one.

  4. This is such an interesting post, that I can totally relate to. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. I find myself noticing something, a random thought or occurrence… and then brushing it off and then a few minutes or hours or even days later I say to myself, “Oh, thats why I received that psychic hit.”

    It can be frustrating at times, but I have learned to become more mindful of it. I actually did a post on this topic as well:

    I like to write about these little, random experiences in my journal or on a note pad to see if anything else comes to me in regards to it.

    Happy New Year!!


  5. I have the same completely useless power! Only not several times in a couple of weeks, only a few times in my life. My favourite is walking to an orchestra rehearsal in Oxford, idly imagining what it would be like to meet a new ‘cellist there who was German – and then meeting a German ‘cellist at the door. Entirely weird and inconsequential.

  6. I wonder if you could ask yourself to make these insights useful. E.g., a friend of mine was sitting in her car a few cars back at a stop sign and she happened to glance in her rearview mirror to see she was about to be rear-ended as you were. She drove onto the shoulder, honking, which alerted the driver and the resulting fender bender was very minor. OTOH, maybe your accident was useful — maybe the Honda had an undiagnosed problem that would have caused a worse accident??? Anyway, I am very glad you are all right.

  7. Interesting post! This happens to me all the time – a least several times per month, and has been happening since I was at least high school age. On the NOVA series “Fabric of the Cosmos”, Physicist Brian Greene had a compelling explanation of how “everything” past, present and future is contained within the Universe, and how we experience it depends on distance and how things line up. I can’t explain it any better than that, but I believe these thoughts are glimpses into that space.

    I think the Tarot and likely other techniques tap into or interact with that space.

    Perhaps there are some of us who have learned to manipulate/interact with or read this space. Perhaps things like Meditation help exercise our minds and better prepare us to participate.

    Fascinating to think about.

  8. About your useless psychic power, remember what that inimitable yogi, yogi berra, said about this: “Prediction is difficult, especially about the future.”


  9. so glad to hear of the solution to mouse problems. Maybe the last one was just saying “good-bye”
    Happy New Year.

  10. I know this feeling all to well.Merry meet,Rachel.Ive had this problem all my life,thinking things for no apparent reason and realizing it was a premonition unroll after it happens.Or dreaming of situations,it happens and you’re left thinking,”wouldn’t it be great if that gift came with tag that said,”Hey this thought/dream us a prediction.Pay close attention to it!””
    I just purchased your newer cards and books and am anticipating them comming in the mail.i also bought a copy of your new book on my iPhone kindle and live it.Than you for your insight on such a harmoniouse,non-evil manner.Your work helps to remove ALOT of the bad stereo type people have about tarot.

  11. These experiences are not useless. You just haven’t been able to make sense of them yet. I would suggest meditation to either develop your abilities or just to get more focused on these experiences.

    • Interesting thought! Do you mean a general meditation practice, or something specific to the ‘accidental prediction’ experiences?

      • study remote viewing…a technique to develop clairvoyance “on demand.” I’ve been r/ving for sometime now, and the interesting side effect is that your training generalizes. become more tuned in spontaneously.

  12. I have had visions of some aspect of future events forever. They are usually abstract and seem so strange at the time. Typically within 24 hours I realize that my strange thought or dream was related to something that was going to happen. It is not typically useful and almost never anything that I could help or do anything about. Sometimes it’s not even important ….. why would my brain even bother with that stupid snip it of info. The events come in waves sometimes many in a row , every single day and then nothing for a long time.
    The experience ranges from so weird in a cocky coinsidence I ran into an old friend to downright could be in a horror film stuff. Today was the first day I have ever googled useless psychic. I’m pretty sure that’s what I am .

  13. Does the number 33 or 333 have a way of stalking you?

  14. With me it’ variants of 22, such as 44 or 66. But it’s more like a faithful friend than a stalker. Thanks, Philip.

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