This past Saturday we held our winter workshop here in Rhinebeck. Since the day was Lincoln’s birthday I decided to make the theme one of emancipation. First off, we looked at the birth date cards for both Lincoln and Charles Darwin, who were born on exactly the same day, February 2, 1809.

So both men were Temperance/Hierophant. We might say that both needed to be steady and temperate to mix different elements together and emerge as great teachers.

We then looked at the idea that the Devil, card 15, can represent enslavement, and the World, 21, true liberation, so that these final cards show us a process of emancipation. Writing this now, I realize that since Temperance is 14, and thus precedes the Devil, we can say that Lincoln needed the Temperance qualities to take on his great task.

We then went on to a spread I created for anyone who feels “enslaved” in some way in life to bring about her or his own emancipation. Here it is:


1. What enslaves me?
2. What is the history?
3. What are the direct effects?
4. What are the side effects?
5. What are the blocks to freedom?
6. What struggle is required?
7. What sacrifices might be required?
8. What is my strength?
9. What must I proclaim?
10. What will result?

I welcome any who wish to try this for themselves.
Please note: like any other blog entry, this material, including the spread, is copyrighted (anyone’s blog is automatically copyright in the writer’s name as soon as it is published). Permission is granted to use it in classes, or re-post it–but only if copyright is acknowledged (as, “This spread is copyright Rachel Pollack, 2012). Thank you for your cooperation.

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  1. Wow! This is a great post, Rachel. Good things to think about with that spread. Very good.

  2. I think you make an excellent distinction between public and private expectations. Thank you for sticking your neck out.

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