THE SEE OF LOGOS–August 1, 2013

Recently I’ve been working with Robert Place on our joint project, THE BURNING SERPENT ORACLE a creative version of the classic Lenormand fortune-telling deck. Today I was reading of some exciting research done in the British Museum by Mary Greer, Marcus Katz, and Tali Goodwin. In the middle of reading this news I decided to take out my SEE OF LOGOS, a hand-written oracle deck composed of 32 predictions.

The title card reads as follows:
The See of Logos
Dreams and Prophecies
Guaranteed 100% Accuracy!

I originally did this as a kind of surreal satire on the vague predictions we sometimes see from newspaper psychics. In the See, predictions are the absurd opposite of vague! And yet, they have taken on a strange and powerful relevance, if not truth, to the moment.

So here is what came up (random shuffle, of course) when I was pondering the origins of cartomancy:

Your body is an Engine of Prophecy. Thousands of years old, you were constructed by a team of seers and alchemists. Evert hair, every fold of skin, every bend of your joints, they all symbolize hermetic wisdom of future events. All the people you know–your parents, your teachers, even your childhood friends, are all magicians who have come to study you, your gestures, the length of your fingernails, the fall of your hair, as they search for clues to God’s messages on how to find a path through this blindly terrifying world.

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  1. Absolutely perfect. Another proof that Divine Oracles are “know it alls.”

  2. Just to show you the hadith qusi “If it were not for you, I would not have created the universes!”

    • Paul, that’s a wonderful statement to contemplate. Thank you for sending it.

      On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 2:43 PM, Shining Tribe

  3. Just great, as always, as ever, Rachael. You continue to bring novelity to tarot & I appreciate your inventions, very much.

  4. I adore this! I might create one of my own, using lines from favourite poems. Thanks for inspiring us yet again, dear Rachel!

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