The Burning Serpent Rises

The Burning Serpent Oracle, the deck created by Robert M. Place and myself, is just about complete and ready for its official launch.  To celebrate, Robert and I have created a web site/blog,

Along with pictures of the cards, and some introductory material, we’ve started to add excerpts from the book for the deck, and comments on readings. The Burning Serpent is based on the Lenormand tradition of 19th century divinatory cards that have had a revival in recent years. What Robert and I have tried to do is stay very close to the tradition while adding some deeper layers. The text for each card is on four levels–key words for readings, a deeper look at the traditional meanings, a wider context for that tradition, and finally the specific version that appears in the deck. Lenormand is fascinating because its images are so primal. There are House, Tree, Man, Woman, Fish, Mountain.

The excerpt I’ve put up, with a short comment about a reading, is for a card called The Letter.

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  1. I cannot hardy wait to see the deck.

  2. Love this collaboration! So looking forward to holding and playing with the gorgeous cards. The extras are utterly fabulous too. Thank you for adding your wisdom to the Lenormand oracle.

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