After various final checks, proof readings, squintings of eyes, and deep breaths. the book for The Burning Serpent Oracle has officially gone to the printers. Here is an advance look at the cover.

72dpi Final Cover for Book

for more information about The Burning Serpent Oracle go to

Meanwhile, I’ve also just been looking at the cover description for my novel, The Child Eater, due out this Summer.

It’s exciting to me that the two works are coming out around the same time, because my first novel, Golden Vanity, and my first Tarot book 78 Degrees of Wisdom, came out at the same time. I still remember how thrilling it was to get a look at the cover for Golden Vanity.

This was back in 1980, when books were typed on a clickety-clack typewriter, and sent in bulky envelopes to editors, who usually had stacks and stacks of pages on their desk. You had to remember to number each page of your book, and include the title and your name at the top of each page (all this done manually, character by character) so that when someone knocked over your particular pile, and picked up all those loose pages, they could put them back in correct order.

What a different world it was! 78 Degrees of Wisdom and Golden Vanity were my first and second books (unless Golden Vanity came first!). The Burning Serpent Oracle and The Child Eater are 35 and 36.

What an amazing, thrilling, thirty-four years, and all of it made possible by the wonderful people–readers first and foremost, but also editors, agents, colleagues, teachers, students, both of Tarot and writing, and all the brilliant Tarot readers, artists, creators, storytellers and fans I’ve had the joy to meet.

Here is the front cover for The Child Eater.


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  1. rachel — congratulations on the printing of the Burning Serpent deck & book! i’ve been following its progress along and it looks great — i never heard of ‘indiegogo’ but i’m glad you go-go’ed w/it. as for your other project, The Child Eater….ahem. if i saw a book w/that title, i’d probably avoid it, i hate to say. do you mind telling me what it’s about anyway? glad you are doing well. i do hope you’re able to get out to san francisco or at least the bay area again, even though fields bookstore is no more and all the new wealth flooding into The City is changing it dramatically. love & luxury, chris Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2014 22:13:24 +0000 To:

  2. Thanks, Chris. Yes, I do hope to get out to SF at some time this year. Never sure when. The Child Eater is about two boys who are separated by hundreds of years and never know of each other but are deeply connected via a terrible magic spell that stretches across time.

  3. Huzzah huzzah! Such wonderful serendipity. Looking forward to enjoying more of the excellent work you share with the world.

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