This is a kind of catch-all, letting people know where they can find some of my work.

The Burning Serpent Oracle, jointly created by myself and Robert M. Place, is now available from Amazon. Well, actually, it’s available from me, but I did a magic spell to turn myself into an Amazon seller (who knows what else I might end up selling??). Just go to Amazon and type in Burning Serpent Oracle. And of course you also can order it from http://www.Burningserpent.com.

Meanwhile, other Amazon sellers have magically acquired copies of my new novel, The Child Eater, which is officially only for sale in Britain until next year. It’s getting great reviews, so if you don’t want to wait, you don’t have to.

Meanwhile some more, the British SF publisher Gollancz awhile back put together ebooks of all my previously published science fiction or fantasy novels, and the short story collection, Burning Sky, the title story of which has been reprinted three or four times. https://www.orionbooks.co.uk/search.page?SearchText=Rachel+Pollack

Meanwhile still more–some of you know that I’ve been writing a series of novellas about a contemporary shaman for hire named Jack Shade. The first of these, Jack Shade In The Forest Of Souls, has been done as an audio. Go to http://www.farfetchedfables.com

Have fun, reading and listening!

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  1. Clever witch, disguising yourself as an Amazon vendor 😛 All these things are exciting! I am going to check out that podcast right now. I see that it also features others authors too. Have you heard of Night Vale? It is in the style of a news update from the world of H.P. Lovecraft.

  2. They’re new to me, Idalia, but I like what they’re doing.
    And the name is cool They’r a bit like old-time radio, including serializing stories.

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