Recently, probably from working on The Raziel Tarot, with Robert Place, I came up with a blessing, part Hebrew and part English, that is actually an expression of gratitude for that experience that so many of us have had, doing creative work, or reading cards, or some other activity where we experience something moving through us.

And then last night, while looking through a folder of my poetry–some of it going back to the 70’s!–I came across a poem called Prayer For Art that is really about the sense so many of us feel when we are overwhelmed by all the things we want to do, and how little time there seems to be.

That’s certainly been going on with me recently. As well as creating The Raziel Tarot, and the great unfolding of ideas in my collaboration with Robert–and working on the book to go with the deck–I’ve been writing a novella featuring my recent hero, Jack Shade, and I just sent a novel-in-progress to my agent, who is as excited as I am about it (sorry, no details right now). Oh, and I’ve also been creating necklaces.

So–I’ll start with the poem, which is slightly tongue-in-cheek, but not really, and then, because the blessing requires more background, do that as Part Two.

The poem, called a “prayer” is a chant. I find that when I read it, especially out loud (softly, to myself) I move back and forth in rhythm with the lines. Try it.


There is so much work to be done
And so much work being done
And so much work not being done

And so much work to think of doing
And so much work done already

And so much work that will be done
And so much work that can be done
And so much work that cannot be done

And so much work that has never been done
And so much work that never will be done

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  1. and also, for me, the repetition and rhythm reinforce the “work” theme đŸ™‚

  2. I like it!… kinda says it all, doesn’t it. I’m still rocking.

  3. What a beautiful blog and the poems are very touching. I’ve been slowly devouring “Seventy eight degrees of wisdom” for the last couple of years, my original tarot begin Crowley’s Thoth but I wanted to go backwards I supposed and so I bought the Rider-Waite deck and your fabulous book. But I never thought your blog would be so… beautiful. Thank you and I will be reading more. Now I have to pick up your fiction work for if it’s as penetrating as your tarot and poetry I know I will be well rewarded.

  4. Thank you, Jamie!

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