I just put something on Facebook, and I want to put it here as well, because it seems important to me, and I want a more permanent record. Here it is:

I’m going to do something a little strange here–quote the opening paragraph of a book I found on the “New Books” shelf of my local library.

The book is called “The Dawning Moon of the Mind: Unlocking the Pyramid Texts,” by Susan Brind Morrow. I have no connection with her, but I want to quote her because what she says strikes me as very important. It is about reality, and the illusion that we have invented the world we live in.

I sometimes like to say to people that noon is not an arbitrary concept but a fundamental fact of our world. It is the same every single day, and we just give it that name. It is the moment when the sun stands highest in the sky, and in the northern hemisphere it is always, no matter the season, no matter the day, due south from wherever you are.

Now here is what Susan Morrow writes:

“You can see this every day. It is both time and place at once. It is of transcendent beauty. It is the agent of transformation. It is the origin of all things. It is so familiar that it is known by all. Yet so familiar it is forgotten and unseen. But even forgotten it is the one essential thing: the dawn.”

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