Omega just sent the links for people to see the descriptions for my and Mary K Greer’s annual Tarot extravaganza–a 3 day symposium, “Master of the Tarot,” and a 5 day intensive, called this year “The Never Ending Tarot.”

Here is what I wrote on Facebook:

The Omega Institute catalog arrived today, and as always it was exciting to see the summer workshops take a step closer to reality.

Mary K. Greer and i have been teaching there for 28 years now, and in recent years we’ve had the joy of hosting Masters of the Tarot, a symposium and workshop with three other teachers each year. This year the group includes Liz Dean, Melissa Ceynowa, and George Koury. That’s Aug. 3-5.

And then right after that,Mary and I conduct a 5 day intensive on reading the cards, titled this year The Never Ending Tarot. This title was suggested by Judith Zoe Matoff, and is also the title of a long-running online deck overseen by Joao Caldeira. I like ti very much, because it encapsulates what I wrote in my book “Tarot Wisdom.” “The one thing we can say for certain is that we will never come to the end of it.”

Here are the two links:
Weekend conference:

Five Day:

And here are the comments from Zoe, who sent the info out to our mailing lists:

I am pleased that Mary and Rachel chose my suggested titlle for the 5-day event. And I am especially pleased about the weekend conference. Not only will Mary and Rachel be sharing their wisdom, but their co-teachers are a notable and exciting bunch. George Koury, an accomplished Tarotist and teacher is among them.. George attends Rachel’s workshops whenever he can. He is so much in demand around the world we were lucky to pin him down for this time to be with us. I won’t say more about the other teachers — though I know you will recognize them because they are accomplished contributors to the Tarot community in many capacities. We want you to read through the links for your enjoyment and consideration.

As for the 5-day (Yay! I love the 5-day seminar!) when it is Mary and Rachel All the Time, I can’t say enough great things.. These two illustrious teachers shine in their wisdom and generosity. As a team, they just magnify each other’s gifts and spirit! They’ve been teaching together at Omega for almost 30 years. It’s no wonder that Omega wants them to return year after year. The students fall in love with them.

If possible, I recommend that you plan to participate in both events. They will offer diferent things. If you can only attend one, it will be a difficult decision. I know I couldn’t make that decision easily.

I find it so easy to be at Omega. It is enlivening without being draining. A review of Omega’s catalogue and/or website is advised. There are opportunities beyond the workshops, such as the Wellness Center, where you can go for healing and further relaxation. The gift shop is popular and features the works of all of the Tarot authors during their time at Omega. We regularly haunt the cafe when workshops are not in session. It really becomes a community that thrives way beyond the Omega event..

If you would like a printed copy of the Omega catalogue, go to the website: Registration is open now!

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