Teaching at Omega Institute this past week, with Mary K. Greer (and on the previous weekend, Liz Dean, Melissa Cynova, and George Koury) I was looking through my notes from Omega 2013 and found some Tarot aphorisms I had written down. I added some new ones and decided to share them with the class. Now I’d like to share them here (maybe with an edit or two). They express what the Tarot has meant to me. If they seem puzzling, or provocative, that’s their purpose.

From 2013
Every card is a door
Every card is a world.
Every card is a living being.

A Tarot reader is an Opener, someone who opens the way.

The reading does not come true.
It becomes true.
Every reading begins a journey and a process of becoming.

How does Tarot mean?
Where do meanings come from?
How does an individual card come to mean something?

The meaning of the card evolves through every reader, every reading.
Meanings accumulate over time, they propagate, have children.

The eye can’t hit what the hand can’t see.
The hands, in shuffling and laying out the cards, see them before the eye.

The Three Sisters: Desire Divination Destiny

What you love, loves you.
To become a Tarot reader, you just need to love the Tarot. It will love you back.

From 2018
Tarot is a living being. The cards are its extension in the physical world.

Tarot comes from the future. We are the necessary servants to bring it alive.
Every reading, every question, brings it further into life and consciousness.

We are the agents of Tarot’s evolution.
We are the Tarot’s reproductive system.

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  1. Beautiful, your aphorisms moved me.

    • I like your blog, Natalia. You feature some very interesting decks.

      • Thank you, an unexpected but welcome compliment!

  2. “From 2018
    Tarot is a living being. The cards are its extension in the physical world.”

    I regularly talk about the Voice, or Consciousness of Tarot. I do not know what it is, but I know there is a sentience to a spread that supersedes my sentience. Or the aggregate spreads like how when I was a child I would make index card stick figures to create a mini cartoon. Tarot often seems like that to me.

    Far greater, far wiser, and much more less interested in my petty topical desires of the moment. Tarot is a well I peer into, drawing up buckets of water I slake my thirst but the source… I can only trust rather than really know where it all comes from.

  3. Wonderful, Jenna. Thanks.

  4. “Tarot is a living being. The cards are its extension in the physical world”: I guess this is why when I pull a card and journal about it, I can come back to that journal entry a year later and see that the meaning has “evolved”. The words are still there, still the same – it’s just the meaning that has changed.

  5. I like Tarot and I use it from time to time. But I think it only has power because we give it meaning.

    • Thank you for this, and your other comments. I agree with you, but would add that once “we” give the cards meaning(s0, those meanings remain, creating a kind of independent existence in that they pass from one person, one generation, to another.

  6. Tarots are deviant, dear.
    They can open the doors to idolatry
    which can then leeed to Satan.
    God bless your indelible soul.
    Make Your Choice -SAW
    – – – —- – – – – – – – – – –
    Kold_kadavr_ flatliner

  7. Thank you for this. It’s beautiful!

  8. Thank you, Juliana

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