A Reading For a Relationship with a deity or spirit

I’ve been working with doing relationship readings for a living person and a dead person. Then I thought you could do this with a spirit or deity that was personally meaningful. So I decided to ask the Elemental Tarot, by the wonderful Caroline Smith if this was a good idea, using Zoe  Matoff’s 3 card “Don’t do/Do” spread, with a 4th card for result, and a look at the bottom, for what’s at the bottom of the issue.

The positions are 2 1 3

bottom card

Card 1, the Issue–card 20, Judgement, which shows Pluto opening his arms and giving “Forgiveness” (card title) to souls in need of release.

Don’t Do–3 of Air, “Breeze,” dedicated to Kuei-Hsing, the Chinese god of scholarship. This is the only Minor card in the reading, and a clear statement not to make this a head thing.

Do–Shaman (Hermit). The book, written, I believe, by John , Astrop, Caroline’s husband, says “He is the instrument of communication between spiritual heaven and material earth.” In other words, Go for it!

Result–Hanged Man, or Sacrifice. Here i differ from most people (including the book) in that I do not see the H.M. as painful or stuck, or anything negative, but rather a powerful connection through surrender to the divine. Each Major card in this deck has a short quotation from “The Thunder, Perfect Mind,” from the Nag Hammadi library, written as if from the voice of Sophia, the divine feminine power of Wisdom.
The line here, perfect for whether or not to do a reading, is “I am the knowledge of my inquiry..”

Bottom of deck–Choice (aka The lovers), whose theme is Passion. Though it includes the Christian idea of the Tempter (a red figure, not a snake here), the line from Sophia is “Whatever I will happens to me.” So at the bottom of doing a reading like this is to will it.

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  1. Thank you for so much.
    Your book 78 degrees of wisdom has literally changed my life
    Tried to tweet you but your account seems a little inactive.
    Much gratitude xxx

  2. Thank you. I’m not a Tweeter, I’m afraid. Maybe I should, I don’t know. Anyway, I’m glad you like the article.

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