Greater Mysteries Greece, October 2006

    In October I and Nicki Scully of Shamanic Tours Ltd ( will be leading a trip to Greece. The theme will be to celebrate the Greater Mysteries, a nine-day ritual of rebirth that for 2000 years was the primary spiritual event of the ancient world.

    We will go to Delphi, where the great oracle reigned amidst stunning mountains. There we will do our own oracular work in caves and ancient temples.
    At Eleusis, the site of the Mysteries themselves, we will share our own stories as we invoke the story of Demeter, Goddess of the Earth and her daughter Persephone, taken by Death himself to be the queen of the Underworld (in the Tarot, Demeter and Persephone are the Empress and the Star). We will visit the magnificent healing temple at Epidaurus, where we will do our own rituals for healing and love. 
    Then we will travel to the island of Crete, whose elegant 3000 year old civilization, home of the labyrinth, first created the Mysteries. As we stay in a beautiful hotel along the beach, as we explore the palaces and prehistoric ruins, we will walk the labyrinth of our own transformation.

    This will be a trip unlike any other. I have wanted to lead this journey for fifteen years, ever since traveling the road of the Mysteries for my book The Body of the Goddess. Going with someone as experienced–and spiritually powerful—as Nicki Scully is quite simply a gift from the Goddess.

    The entire trip, including 3 and 4 star hotels, partial meals, and all transportation with experienced professional guides (airfare not included) costs $3388. Sign up now for an experience that will take you to wondrous places, in the world and in yourself.
    For more information email me, or go to

    See you in Greece!


Sunday, October 1 — Depart from your gateway city to Athens, Greece.

Monday, October 2 — Arrive at Athens airport and proceed to our hotel. As folks are arriving from different locations at different times, we will try to meet for tea in the evening, after dinner, and have our welcome meal at lunch tomorrow. (This is flexible according to final arrival times.)

Whenever we have it, the first formal meal at the start of a sacred journey is more than a get-together (though it certainly is that as well). It creates a bond and a shared purpose in the joy of a feast. It will be wonderful to meet everyone!

Tuesday, October 3 — Morning visit to the Acropolis. The Acropolis is probably the most famous monument in all of Greece. It is the fitting place to begin our journey, for not only is this magnificent site sacred to Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, it also was the starting out place for the Mystai, the seekers who experienced the Mysteries.
After lunch and walk around Athens, we will take a late afternoon bus to Delphi for overnight.

Wednesday, October 4 — For the ancients, Delphi was the Center of the World. Set among stunning mountains, it was the place of the great Oracle. Just below Delphi, the temple of Athena Pronea allows us to continue the energy begun in Athens as we bring ourselves to the place of purification (the Castalia fountain) and then Delphi itself, where we will seek our own oracular truth in preparation for the Mysteries. Delphi was sacred to Apollo, whose shrine the Mystai passed as they left Athens. It also is a powerful opening to Gaia, the Earth, oldest of all the Deities. We will invoke Gaia and join ourselves to the Earth at the great boulder that has represented Her since before the temples.

Thursday, October 5 — Parnassus is the home of the Muses, the Goddesses who bring inspiration and beauty. Since the Mt. Parnassus site is closed to the public, we will have a rare and special opportunity when we visit and perform ritual there. In the afternoon we will visit the Delphi museum.

Friday, October 6 —Leave Delphi for Epidaurus. We will stop at Andirion down hill to Galaxidi (short stop) and cross the bridge to Rion as we drive to Nafplion, a beautiful seafront town. Mycenae is rugged and powerful, with roots going back to one of the oldest civilizations in Greece. It is a journey back in time, as we pass through the Lion Gate and climb the hill to a vision of Winged Artemis, the Goddess of the Mountains looming over the site. After some free time to walk around this beautiful town, we will overnight in Nafplion.

Saturday, October 7 — Morning Leave for Epidaurus and visit the site of the Aesklipion and the famous theatre of Epidaurus, the temple of dreams and healing. Here we will ask for our own healing and dream power, using oracular work to enter into and understand our own dreams. We also will visit the shrine to Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, for the ancients understood that there is no healing without Aphrodite.

After Epidaurus we make our sacred way to Eleusis, the site of the Great Mysteries themselves. Eleusis is surrounded by a modern industrial city, and most of the buildings were broken in 400 C.E., when Alaric sacked the Sacred Precinct. When we are there, however, all of the modern world falls away and we are transported back to the ancient rites, held at Eleusis for 2000 years. Here we will show the sacred objects, do a ritual to Demeter, and tell what is possibly the most powerful of all Greek myths, the Abduction of Persephone. We will literally breathe into ourselves the spirits of the Ancient Goddesses.

We will stop where dinner is available before boarding our overnight ferry which departs for Heraklion, Crete, at about 9:00PM. On the ferry we will have twin cabins inside. This may seem like simple transportation but it is much more. Crete was a magnificent civilization that predated Greece itself by a thousand years. This journey over the water, in the dark of night, is a journey back in time.

Sunday, October 8 — Arrive at Heraklion at around 5.30AM, and be met and transferred to the hotel Marina beach and bungalows, about 20Kms from Heraklion. After breakfast we will leave for Skotino cave. This cave is closed to the public, and requires special permits.

Evidence shows that much of worship of the Goddess in Crete was done in caves, not temples. Crete actually was the last flowering of the great Neolithic Goddess civilization, possibly the most creative period in human history. The sacred cave of Skotino is the perfect place to begin our experience and to continue to honor Persephone in the Underworld.

In the afternoon we will visit the Heraklion Museum, which contains wonderful objects that help bring the ancient culture alive. We will see the great variety of double axes, which were not weapons but instead votive objects, sacred to the Goddess. The double axe represents both the waxing and waning Moon, and the butterfly (our word "psyche" is a Greek word that means both "soul" and "butterfly").

Dinner is included upon our return to our hotel.

Monday, October 9 — In the morning we will have an extensive visit of the Knossos Palace. Greatly restored, Knossos shows us the splendor of the pre-Greek "Minoan" civilization. We will learn of the special qualities of this site, the true meaning of the famous Labyrinth, and learn to orient ourselves to the landscape.

After lunch we will drive back to the hotel, or those who wish could stay in town. Town shoppers and explorers can pick up a taxi to the hotel (not very expensive). Buffet dinner at the hotel.

This evening we will prepare for and begin a special ritual along the beach. This is a special ritual to Aphrodite for emotional and sexual healing, combined with an Eleusinian ritual of “searching” for the Goddess. We will complete the ritual the following morning at dawn.

Tuesday, October 10 — After our early morning ritual, Rachel and Nicki will work together to offer a unique and spontaneous day. Among other things, Rachel will offer some Oracular exercises with Tarot. She has some other surprises up her sleeve, which will be worked out in the moment and according to available terrain.

Wednesday, October 11 — 8.30AM leave the hotel for Festos for a gracious visit to this important site. Even more than Knossos, Festos takes us directly into the heart of the ancient power of the Goddess in the land. With the horned mountain of Ida looming over us, and other powerful features the Cretans understood as the Goddess's physical body, we will join with the landscape as a living presence. Here we will follow the winding path of the labyrinth into the heart of the sacred chamber.

Lunch will be on your own in Heraklion with time for a bit of last minute shopping. After lunch, we will return to the land one land last time to celebrate the end of the Mysteries! Here we will experience the return of Persephone from the Underworld, the reunion with her mother, Demeter, and the rebirth of nature and our own spirits. We will give the ancient cry of renewal and celebration, "Hye! Kye!" Rain! Conceive! as the Earth itself comes back to life.

We then will return for our closing buffet dinner, the feast of celebration that properly ends any true life-changing ritual.

Thursday, October 12 —Transfer to the airport in time for flight to Athens, to connect with your flight back home.

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  1. Dearest Rachel,
    Please tell me that you will be doing such a trip in the future?

    I so wish I could be joining you on what is certain to be an incredible journey.

    Perhaps next year?


  2. Hi, Kelly. Nice to hear from you.

    Right now there are no plans for a second trip, but if this one goes as well as we hope we might very well do another. Nicki goes to Egypt at least twice a year.

    But hey, if the problem this year is money, don’t they have any banks to rob out there in Hawaii?

    Priorities, priorities.

  3. Working on seeing that all will be taken care of while I am away! Especially Greta the Cat. She is letting me know that she knows I am about to leave, and she is concerned about our separation………I am showing her all sorts of favors in hopes of keeping her happy. Richard

  4. Miroslav Provod

    New knowledge

    At the time, when Aristoteles borught up to the world of physics the word “ether”, this word had already been known for millenia. Ether is a part of energy that had it’s name in each culture. Toists called it “čchi” Babylonians “ti”, Inds “Ódžas”, the japanese “rei ki”, Hebrewests “ruach”, Tibetians “šugs rlung”, the vedisch religion “prána”.
    Four thousand years later okultist Reichenbach called the spatial irradiation of life energy “ód”. In many cases of the new history this energy of life matter that irradiates into it’s surroundings was called “magnetism”. This “magical” energy still calls up our attention that is even getting greater and that’s why it would be appropriate to summarise it’s very long terminology. In the literature it is usually described as cosmic energy. That’s how we called it in our empirical research and I think that this name is appropriate. Because of the same reason it would be better if we call the first part of cosmic energy, which had been up to now in our research called “energetic space”, by it’s usuall name aura. Cosmic energy consists of three energetic parts – the aura, the zones and the interzones. Ether consists of two energetic parts – the zones and the interzones.

    Kosmic energy = aura + zones + interzones
    Ether = zones + interzones

    The properties of aura are associated with all matter, not only orgnisms, as is sometimes described. By experiments with aura we got to know that when the auras of two or more objects are in contact, their auras come together to form one common aura. It was found in another experiments, that the energies of objects that form their common aura are slowly exchanged in between them until their energetic potentials are equal. This phenomenon that hasn’t been described anywhere yet could be used to explain many unexplainable events. It’s nothing new – the properties of aura, which we will be learning, were already used 2000 years before the first pyramid was built. At , you can find in the part called “diagrams” the graphical illustration of the three parts of cosmic energy – the aura, the zones and the interzones, with a detailed description of their properties.

    Nobody has yet been successfull when trying to find the motivation for building hundreds of thousands of megalythic constructions, while the properties of aura offer evidential explanation. If we place a rock into the aura of a water stream, the auras of both matters join into one common and the rock gains energy. It works in the same way if we place a different aura into the aura of a water stream, including organisms. It works like this in between matters of all elements – the matter in a common aura that has lower energetic potential gains energy from the matter with higher energetic potential. There are numerous examples, like with other physical phenomenons, of energetic interaction between matters. It’s easy to manipulate with the size of aura. It’s quickest and most efficient when using groups of capacitors with great capacitance. However, we don’t recommend to experiment with capacitors charged to high voltages, because it leeds to an increase of potential on the membranes of our cells, which could cause some health anomalies. The properties of aura can’t be put together with the result, which we would expect. The aura of a group of capacitors of a radius of 40cm can influence us negatively. However, it has been proved over time that the aura of a mobile telephone with a radius of a few tens of centimeters doesn’t affect our health.

    Aura – the first energetic part of each matter – is a common name. In connection with cosmic energy, the unknown parts are the zones and the interzones, the second and thirs energetic parts of each matter. The zones are copying the shape of the aura like peels and in various distances in between them. With greater distance from their source they gain gigantic dimensions and it’s not possible to find out how far from the source they go. We don’t know why, but each third zone is ten times greater than the first and the second zone. In the space between zones there are energetically weaker interzones. There are usually four of them, but in some cases there are more of them and they are always located closer to the zone that is located closer to the source. Together with the zones there is a great number of them and they create a very dense three dimensional raster – ether.

    In regions of any matter, even in the regions of gas planets or clouds, we always find three parts of cosmic energy. Many objects can have their own aura, for example a stone, a lump of stones, a building, a group of buildings, a person, a stadium filled by people, a stream, a thunderstorm cloud, a tree, a planet – until the aura gets in contact with an aura of a different matter. In such a case both come together to form one energetically common aura with common energetic parts. It works like this in most cases, but there are also exeptions. Our planet Earth has the greatest aura by the above stated rule, so all the auras on the Earth should then have one common aura with the Earth. It’s not like this. Hopefully, some measuring devices will give us a clue in the future.

    The crossing zones and interzones fill the surface and surrounding area of our or any other planet. These etherical parts are located literally everywhere throughout the space and we are able to define the density and compositon of their “mother” matter, by looking at their changing etherical intensity. There are specific widths and distances between zones and interzones of every matter and every matter also causes or send out into space it’s specific etheric parts – it’s like a bar code characteristic for each matter. It’s not far before we could identify the type, the amount and the distance of some elements under the Earths surface that is kilometres below the surface by means of special detectors and computers. So we always meet the zones and the interzones on our planet in connection to ether.

    The cosmic energy and it’s three energetic parts have been used by people for millenia. Einstein disregarded ether by his unshakable logic. Ether isn’t acted upon by gravity, it’s not material – ether is “nothing”. It’s invisible, it can’t be measured nor weighed. We can’t calculate it so “NOTHING” can’t exist. The logic and knowledge of modern physics don’t allow scientists to protest against Einstein and to accept again that ether exists. The modern physics just isn’t able to accept the existence of ether based on it’s knowledge and therefore it must reject it.

    However, immaterial or more likely slightly material energetic ether does exist.

    The fact that ether exists is also supported by satellites whose optic documented that lightning discharges from thunderclouds don’t occur only between clouds or between the clouds and the Earth but also between the clouds and somewhere above them, somewhere unknown away from the Earth. Where and how does this incredible energy go? The cause and reason for this fact haven’t been explained yet anywhere. Similar physical vacuum is associated with the cause of energy of up to 1000times more energetic lightning discharges on Saturn as they were documented by Cassini probe.

    Einstein was ceratinly a genius, however, he wasn’t infallible. For example at present we know that the speed of light is not a maximum speed. In some time we will also know that the person that was wrong with the hypothesis about ether wasn’t Aristoteles but Einstein. Some individuals who can, without optical means, identify a moving living thing, for example a person, sometimes even long distance away from them, talk usually about “registering” the movement of the persons aura. This term is however not correct. An aura of a person, whose energy is about average, is about thirty centimeters “fat”, wide or more likely high. So if people with extremly developed sensitivity in a static position register a movement of etheric energetic parts of a moving person, they don’t register the actual aura to such a distance but etheric spatial “impulses” that are moving from aura into the surrounding space of “infinitely distributed” etherical zones and interzones.

    The energetic value of a matter (the level of cosmic energy) is going up for example with increasing pressure on a given matter. The “aura” of water could be in addition also increased by thermal or microwave heating. Another increase of energy with liquids could be realized by so called dynamization. (In a lab we could reach dynamisation just by shaking, when the molecules intensively act by friction on each other. When a sea water is dynamised by inner and outer friction near a shore it shows greater energetical values in that area, which also increases it’s surrounding aura or cosmic energy.) It’s interesting that each matter has it’s “energetic memory”. It means that if a rock gains cosmic energy when exposed to great pressure, it doesn’t lose it straight after the pressure is removed. Each matter, therefore, has an ability to acumulate the cosmic energy in itself for some time.

    Everybody knows places such as Lurdy, where people were spontaneously cured in relation to headwaters. In many places like this there are pilgrimage churches built above these headwaters. Many skeptics talk about these miraculous cures in these places or in normal thermal spas with a contempt. In these cases it is energetically modified water, which was subject to great pressure and was warmed up deep under ground. It is known that in some spas the water also gains energy from rocks that contain energetically strong metals. There are also spas where unexpected cures occur due to the energy taken from a water that was close to radioactive rocks that contain very energetic element uranium deep under ground. In some spas the bodily energy is reinforced by drinking undergroung energetically intensive water, in others the cosmic energy is gained by the body when swimming in the water, when the cosmic energy is transformed from the charged water into the patients body. It is known that an ill person often doesn’t need special medicine for his cure, but a sufficiency of “inner” cosmic energy, in order for the body to initiate the cure processes. Especially elderly people often don’t have enough energy to cure their health process. The cells in bodies of some people have often lower intensity of cosmic energy than the molecules of curative water. By being in this energetically rich water the cells of the curing patients gain greater energetic level on their cellular membranes, which is a basic presumption of a proper functioning of these cells and also some mechanism that begins their cure.

    The energetic parts of cosmic energy have similar properties to electric energy in many ways. By components of unknown principle that cause cosmic energy there is an effect called “suction by a point”, which is similar to that of electrons. The cosmic energy flows from areas with greater energetic levels to areas with lower energetic levels. While the transfer of electrical energy happens immidialtely, the cosmic energy transfers between different sources at much slower rate. However, some properties of cosmic energy differ from those of electrical energy. The electromagnetic waves don’t penetrate Faradays cage but this is not true with cosmic energy. If we place a source of cosmic energy into a safe (any other source of cosmic energy), they are in interaction and the final value is a sum of both energetic sources.

    There are traces of manipulation with cosmic energy and ether found throughout the ages. Now we look back in time and search for the effort of our ancestors that knew the equation of the linear relationship between the intensity of their etheric potential of their body and their better health very well.

    If we evaluate megalythic constructions from the cosmic energy standpoint, we find out that a rock of a point shape placed into the aura of a water stream or into a place where there are zones of that water stream it gaines energy from that water source and it starts to be a menhir. With respect to specific weight and composition of that rock this standing point – menhir – gains greater energetic value than a standing point – a man – would gain. This rock works like an energetic storage battery. Upper streams that are more “dynamised” with faster flow and with waterbed made of stones show greater energy than lower streams with slower flow and with a soft waterbed. This is also emphasised by the fact that menhirs are situated in the upper parts of water streams, especially in their inner bends, where the zones are denser and create greater energetic value. This can be easily verified by a simple experiment.

    We wind a hose around a rock that is about 2 metres high. The value of it’s aura could be modified by changing the number of threads or by changing the intensity of the water flow. However, the energy doesn’t go up quickly. The cosmic energy transfers very slowly as stated above. It’s not like an “acceleration” when we press a gas pedal in a car. The matter of the rock has a significant energetic inertia and the energetic increase takes place over a time period that could last from tens of minutes up to hours depending on it’s mass. Similar energetic “dope” (an increase of cosmic energy on the celular membranes of the cells in a human body) could be reached when a person sits on a chair that is wrapped in tens of threads of a plastic hose with flowing water. The rock could be activated not only by the energy of water flows (underground wells, streams, rivers, sea streams), but also by other energetic sources like for example: metals, fire, thunderclouds and many other sources.

    A classic example of an energetic gain of a rock from ether was a menhir “Mené er Groah” (it was destroyed by a lightning strike), which was 23.5 metres high and was located near Locmariaquer in Bretagne. It is an isolated case, but is very informative, because it brings up the knowledge of ancient cultures about the energetic properties of ether. The engineers got a task to build an energetic source of the capacity wanted in that place. The easiest solution would have been to spread the matter of a high menhir into more menhirs. However, this wasn’t possible, as the ether zones didn’t offer the required energetic level – this was located higher above the ground surface. The engineers then had to build a high menhir. The obelisks built in later cultures had the same energetic reason as “Mené er Groah” menhir.

    ; The lonely standing menhir was the easiest meghalithic structure that was giving energy to many people. In order to refill or increase the level of cosmic energy in our body people didn’t have to sit on top of the menhir for hours. It was enough when the “cured” person stayed in the region of aura of the menhir or even in a zone that was located further from the menhir. People didn’t miss the fact that they could gain more energy faster when they are between two or more menhirs, where the auras are denser. This inspired them to cover the tip of the menhir with another rock. This is how an energetically “richer” dolmen was created. There are hundreds of thousands of dolmens existing. The ancient engineers did know well that it matters what type of rock needs to be placed on top of the “curing platform”. The effort to reach a maximum value of cosmic energy and the ability to compare the energetic interaction that is related to the chemical structure of individual types of rocks compelled the ancient wizards and healers to often difficult transport of different rocks and stones. These engineers must have known the energetic values of the interactions very well because even that they could have placed a stone from a close vicinity onto the dolmen desk, they have transported big stones from great distances whose chemical structure was different.

    The next level of energetic structures of the past were Zikkurats (Babylonian tower). With time, the progress came to the knowledge that the matter of the structure, which gains energy from etheric zones, must not be a monolith nor a rock but it could also be high quantity of earth. Moreover, the matter of the structure of a zikkurat was activated by a metal (on the top there was a golden statue of a gods). Later, this knowledge was used by all megalithic and religious structures. Towers with bells, minarets with golden domes etc. further dynamically increased the energy of the objects. However, the increase of cosmic energy can’t be beneficial for human health in a linear relationship forever. When building religious structures it was observed that more means less, in other words – from the present sciences point of view – it was found that going over the optimal level of charge on the cellular membranes is dangerous in the same way or worse than the energetic deficit. The matter of the structure must have been balanced by the energetic gain, the amount of time spent in the sanctuary and the amount of people who were inside. Because of that, pastorates were built out of the energetic reach of the religious structure. The energy could have been regulated by the number and height of towers. The towers then gain energy from three sources – when penetrating etheric zones, because of the known fact of suction by a point and they are activated by the metal of the bells. We can’t pass over the position of the bells. In the 15. and 16. centuries the bells were also hanged in the opposite way than it is usual – with the tongue upwards. This was especially beneficial with heavy bells that were then easily swung – the bell started to swing under it’s own weight and the swinging was kept by a paddle. Because this type of hanging bells was considered uncatholic in the 17. century, most bells in most towers that had been hung in this way were hanged with the tongue downwards. By an easy experiment we could easily prove that bells that are hunged by the tongue downwards increase the energetic value of the tower by 250%. If the bell is hunged with the tongue upwards the basic energetic value of the matter of the tower decreases by 30%. The shape of the matter of the bell works in the same way as the shape of a water stream, dome or cope does: it creates greater energetic density. The towers of religious structures that have a globlet located on their top (it’s a similar case like when there is a bell hung with the tongue upwards), decrease the energetic value of the structure.

    The calculation of the optimal amount of matter and height of the towers was impossible before the construction has begun because of the creation of different relations between surrounding zones and interzones. It was not until the construction has begun when the energy of the object was being regulated until it reached it’s optimal value by changing the volume of the matter, the amount of metals, the energetically strong crystallic pebbles or the height of the suction points. The characteristic energetic properties for all kinds of religious structures was their high mass, towers, rounded shapes and supplemented activation parts like metals, fires, etc.

    The motivation for the construction of menhirs, dolmens, kromlechs, mounds, stone mans and other similar structures was usually explained by astronimical, calendar, agricultural and ritual motives. We can’t wonder that other arguments couldn’t have been offered by knowns facts. But there are even more mysterious megalythic srtructures – thousands of stone spheres that weigh more than 15 tons. They are located in Costa Rica and in other parts of the american continent and some even close to the north pole. The arguments for their existence weren’t persuasive but I agree that it’s not possible without the knowledge of ether. A rock in the shape of a sphere that is located in an etheric zone is energetically activated and becomes an independent source, which sends spherical zones out into surrounding space. These cross other energetically stronger etheric zones, interact with them and by their conductive properties bring greater amount of cosmic energy to the place where the stone sphere is located. It is probable that heads of Olmeks that are made from stone and have similar mass could have had similar function.

    In Nazca plain the etheric zones are marked in the flat terrain. The water flows that were built underground were built to connect individual zones so that the energy could be transported to another place. A verification that shows that the zones in the Nazca plain were made energetically stronger are the rows of stones located very close to some zones (the stones are in interaction with the zone).

    The present architecture isn’t interested in the energetic of the structures and some structures could be so called “cancer houses” or could just slowly negatively affect their inhabitants. Skeptics could say that the steel constructions of skyscrapers and their height must show the negative effect more markedly. The answer could be found in history, when people on the american continent built more than hundred thousand mounds, they cared a lot that the clay mounds weren’t built on a subsoil made from rock and they carefully isolated them by means of organic matter. When building mounds in Europe, the same technologic progress was abided. When constructig skyscrapers, we can’t even imagine that they would be built in another way than on a solid subsoil made from rock. We can deduct that the contact of the structure with the seam works in the same way as grounding by the fact that it drains the energy away into the ground. However, it could be different with some low-bed structures that were built on earthen seams. In these connections it could be interesting to find out statistically the death rate in different hospitals.

    It’s not easy to believe the fact that ancient people already had the knowledge about etheric energy that our civilisation will now only start to learn. The twentieth century, when thousands of scientists unsuccessively tried to resolve the mysteries of megalythic culture proves that the explanation is not in the region of known facts. Therefore we looked for the answers of puzzles of structures somewhere else.

    June 2006

    Miroslav Provod sen. + jun.

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