The wonderful French Tarotist Oephebia Laidi asked me to join in “interviewing” the different Major Arcana cards. By luck, I got the Devil, and decided to take the “interview” idea literally. I suspect that of all the Major cards, the Devil is the one who would most like the attention of an interview. As Mick Jagger put it, “Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of very great renown…”

Before the actual interview, here is a Devilish personal tidbit, as promised on Facebook: Way back in ’73 or so, I was invited to an orgy with Mick Jagger and Germaine Greer (now there’s an odd couple). I’m happy to say i declined.

Here is the interview:

(All answers are the Devil him/herself speaking)

Possible meaning of the card,
Darkness. Never underestimate darkness. Remember, All things may come out of darkness, but only light can come out of light. And if the universe is mostly dark matter and dark energy, doesn’t that make my magic stronger than the Magician’s? Passion, obsession, wild times. Addiction, especially when paired with the Aces (Cups-alcoholism, Swords-drug addiction, Pentacles—money and work addiction, Wands—sex addiction). Comedy, mirth (don’t take that scowl too seriously). Obsessive relationships, love “gone bad,” feelings of being trapped. Pride (as if that’s a bad thing!! “Say it loud! We’re gay and proud!”).

Mythology or folktales attached to your assigned card (when possible),
There’s so much! There’s all the Western Devils, Satan, Lucifer, Samael, Lilith, Iblis, Ba’al-ze-buth (okay, Beelzebub, bub), Baphomet, Ashmedai. Have you ever thought about the fact that God is just called “God” but I have more names than you can remember? So who’s the important one?

Numerology connection (when possible, as the court cards have none),
15 “reduces” (as if I could be reduced!) to the Lovers. Some people say I’m a “corruption” of love, but I say, I’m the one who actually likes sex. O is the 15th letter of the English alphabet, as in “Oooo.” 15 consists of a 1 and a 5. When the Magician and the Pope get together they produce me!

Element traditionally associated with your card,
Earth. Nothing like being grounded. Fire can burn itself out, Water can just spill, Air can blow away, but Earth will always remain.

Astrological association (ruler, planet etc.),
Capricorn. Go ahead, call me an old goat. I consider it a compliment.

Meaning of the symbolism found in the card,
Meant to scare you—the scowl, the torch, the open hand (what you see is what you get, pal—no secret divine mysteries, as with the Pope/Hierophant), and of course, the chains. The chains are wide enough for my subjects to slip them off and walk away But do they want to? Have you noticed that they’re smiling?

Shadow side,
Light. It’s kind of embarrassing, but my hidden side is light.

Crystals associated with the card,
Not into crystals much but I like stones. Onyx, obsidian, jet. Rubies are good. Supposedly they go with Cancer, but what’s a crab going to do with a nice blood-red ruby?

Herbs, flowers or essential oils connected to your card.
Kind of improvising here, but I go for deadly nightshade, mandrake, ergot, black fungus, opium—alcohol is not an herb, is it?

So that’s it. and now,here’s the link to oephebia’s whole set of card explorations:

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  1. I like that the Devil put in those damn advertisements at the end of the blog there.

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